For my graduation I started researching drones. I found out pigeons were used as messenger pigeons but also as camera pigeons which I found to be interesting, but also very crude since pigeons are the international symbol for peace. Therefore I started designing this product.

The product is the first of 3 objects designed for my graduation. It is a harness made of balsa wood, a very light wood used in model airplanes, for a pigeon. It can be tracked by gps and it has a bomb hatch which can be remotely controlled. The bomb hatch contains a glass bomb with perfume inside of it. The pigeon can be released near battlefield and when it flies above the desired location the hatch can be opened and the perfume bomb dropped. When the bomb breaks, a scent is released which makes the soldiers on the ground remind them of home, wanting them to put down their guns and go back to their family.



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